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Posted: October 7, 2017 by meghan

Awh…the dreaded teething stage in a baby’s life. The teething stage is probably the only stage that a mother dreads during their child’s first year. Finding relief for your uncomfortable baby is quite the task. We all know that once we see our baby drooling, puffy gums, gnawing on anything and everything in sight, providing anything to create some relief for your chid is number one priority. I am, unfortunately, experiencing this with my little girl. Like most parents, I scoured the internet looking for something that fit my baby needs of needing something to gnaw on that was easily accessible, easy for Emilia to hold, and preferably something that was different looking. To my surprise, I found a unique company, Chookies, that met all of my needs plus some that I didn’t even know that I had.

Chookies | chew-keys : noun; term of endearment meaning little ones or sweethearts

So exactly what did I discover? Chookies. Pronounced as chew-keys which describes terms of endearment meaning little ones or sweetheart. Chookies was founded by a very devoted mother who desired to fulfill the needs of her own baby, but didn’t want to compromise her style in the process. Often times, especially in new mothers, we become so wrapped up in being a perfect mother that we forget ourselves. We forget what colors we like, what we find stylish, and what we find functional because we only think of our children. Chookies replaces a child’s classic teether with a more modern and functional teether. Think about…sometimes it’s nice to have something easily available in public for our child that doesn’t scream “I have a baby.”

Teething with style!
Teething with style!


Long gone are the days that a mother has to worry about her baby reaching for her dirty keys and putting them in her mouth. Long gone are the days that a mother is a desperately searching in her diaper bag for a teether for her crying baby in the grocery store. Chookies is designed like a set of keys. It even comes with a key clip so you can easily clip to your bag. Hint: the name chew keys. 🙂

Chookie in Peach
Chookie in Peach- $12

Chookies is a very affordable product- only $12 per teether plus free shipping. It comes in 4 very stylish colors: slate, mint, peach and black. Of course like all mothers do, Chookies was created with your little one’s safety in mind. The beads are made from BPA free, food grade silicone. What I like most of all, the beads are different sizes and shapes creating the perfect mold for little one’s aching gums.

Chookie in Black
Chookie in Black- $12

You can purchase a Chookie by going to Good luck picking out your favorite color because they are all so cute!

***Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this review. I just really like this product and you will too. 🙂

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